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A digital and design platform that provides green solutions to businesses in Dubai, UAE. We help the client to incorporate the concept of circular design theory in their long-term business model plan inorder to be more ethical, sustainable and profitable.

Our Founder, Najia Qazi works closely with her team to create Sustainable design solutions, systems and products that last, evolve in the current fashion and design industry. 



At Sustainable Narrative, our mission is to create awareness by providing sustainable design-based solutions by conceptualizing and consulting. The premise is always the circular design theory. 


In line with this, we also promote a new mind-set for business that is the circular design thinking approach which allows the businesses to explore new ways to create sustainable, resilient, long-lasting value giving the confidence to redesign the world around you. 


The aim has always been to promote the concept of Sustainability; not just as a popular or current trend; but rather as a lifestyle worth embracing, which is most needed in the walks of design or fashion.


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