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The Rise of Sustainable Fashion in times of COVID ’19

Updated: May 30, 2021



Sustainable movement is on the rise in MENA, with growing awareness and the advancement of sustainable practices in the region. Initiatives and road maps have been introduced and continue to be supported in order to understand the current dynamics of sustainability.

The “new normal” brings with it the urge to have more collaboration from numerous experts in diverse fields working within a trans-disciplinary approach. As a result, designers and brands have a responsibility to be involved in the whole process from creation to product, by adopting life-cycle solutions, which adapt to how COVID ‘19 is changing our world.

Sustainable design is often given other denominations such as: “green,” “environmentally friendly,” “eco-conscious,” to name a few, where the meaning depends upon the context, situation, and social setting, as well as cultural, environmental, and financial impacts. From project ideation until completion, international or MENA region designers, brands and startups needs to consider how a project’s sustainability strategy will support all three parts of this sustainability equation equally.

Focusing on a green economy and preserving resources by creating strategies that enhance performance, and continually learning new techniques to achieve sustainable benchmarks for design practices. Being at the forefront of this exploration of integrating technology, nature, along with the positive and negative environmental impacts that result further in complex subject that must be considered from the earliest stages of every project.

I believe a sustainable movement is on the rise in the MENA, with awareness and the advancement of sustainable practices in the region growing. Initiatives, strategies, and roadmaps have been introduced and continue to be supported by governments, whom are mainly focused on the implementation of new green regulations and legislations.


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